HST Tutorial Drawn Grids

Four HST at a time:

Drawn Grid photo


  • Magic 8 methods for HST:

    • Determine the finished size; i.e. 3" finished HST
    • Add 7/8' to measurement: 3 7/8"
    • Multiply measurement; 3 7/8 by 2= 7 3/4'
    • 7 3/4" squares are the required size ( for the 2 fabrics) to make 3" finished HST
    • HST tutorial image
    • HST tutorial 9 photo

      Multiple Grid to make 40 HST from the same 2 fabrics:

        • Decide on the finished size HST: i.e. 3"
        • Add 1" to the finished size for the grid size: 4"
        • Your grid will be 5 squares across and 4 squares down; with this example you will draw on the wrong side of the lighter fabric 20" across and 16" down and close to the edges of the fabric

      HST tutorial image 10

        • Next, draw the diagonal lines, Start in the upper left corner for the first diagonal line and then on either side draw diagonal lines every other intersection.

      HST tutorial image 11

        • Next draw the other diagonal lines and make sure you cross the intersections you crossed before.

      HST tutorial image 12

        • Now start sewing 1/4" in from the market line in the left upper corner and follow the red arrows.

      HSt tutorial image 13

        • Seams are now sewn on either side of the diagonally drawn lines. The HST are sewn so now you need to cut them apart: First, cut around the outside perimeter of the HST set. Second, cut on the 4 drawn vertical lines. Third, cut on the 3 drawn horizontal lines. Forth, cut on all the diagonally drawn lines that are in between the stitched lines.

      HST tutorial image 14

        • Press open and cut the tails off