About us

Hi, I'm Suzzie Schuyler and I started sewing with my grandmother at age 8. I used a Singer sewing machine and then switched over to a Viking machine in the late 80's. I also began quilting then since wool became too expensive for garment construction.

Quilting was my stress reliever as I worked in the medical field and found quoting to be lots of fun. I became a manager for JoAnn Fabrics in the late 90's and then evolved into teaching at the Viking Center in Glen Burnie Md. offering quilting and Home Dec classes. In joined Friendship Quilt Guild in 2001 and went to their quilt retreats, How much fun and boy can you learn a lot so I encourage you if you haven't gone on a quilt retreat, put it on your list! As I evolved in the quilting process, quilt sisters started asking me to change or create patterns for them because the novelty prints and sport prints did not fit with the traditional patterns. At this time I started men Longarm Business, SEW BEE IT, and loved it. Between the long arm business and creating patterns I thought about and came up with my own patterns and decided to submit them to Martingale Publishing. They loved the idea so along with their expertise the book "Team Spirit" cam out September 2015. The patterns on the book work for Licensed Sport teams as well as Novelty prints. With the support of my family, friends and quilt sisters the book is well on it's way to being a success.

Presently, I am meeting lots of quilters through book signings, classes, and guild trunk show lectures. In between I am long arming and working on the next book. Things are moving forward and I love meeting meeting quilters and making new friends. Sharing ideas with others and inspiring creativity is one of my favorite thing to do. As long as I can stimulate conversations promoting quilting and everything about it I am a very quilter.